After you open an account we will provide "Helper Files" which you install on the PC you plan to use to upload your sales data to our server.

Some POS Systems have Integrated MC into their POS and, therefore, the "Helper Files" will not be needed.

Chances are you will need the "Helper Files" and these will be placed into your Documents Folder on your PC. You may use more than one PC to upload and these "Helper Files" can be copied and placed on any computer.

Your POS will have a Sales Detail Report you can create and save into your Documents Folder. All "Helper Files" and the Sales Detail Report need to be placed in the same folder (or thumb drive for portability). It does not have to be the Documents Folder.

You then launch a shortcut that was placed on your Desktop which will begin the upload of the Sales Detail Report.

You repeat this each day. Most POS's will allow you to upload the current and previous month's sales. The next day it re-uploads the same data plus the new sales for each new day. This procedure makes the upload process self-healing in case there is a glitch.

Immediately after the upload your dealers will be able to see their sales. You will be able to see your store sales from anywhere around the world, also.

As the Store Owner, you, and/or a manager, will have control of which dealers can view there sales data. You do this by creating a Dealer Account for each one of your dealers.

All Dealer Accounts are password protected so dealers cannot view other dealer's sales. Advance Password Options are available for stores that desire different access for their dealers.

Dealer / Vendor / Merchant / Consignor / Crafter terms all mean the same thing. Store Owner is the owner of the Mall, not the booth renter.

Or, use the form below:


Store ID:

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Do not click more than once.

** Please do not use this form to send store related issues **

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