The monthly fee for depends on the number of dealers in your store. The benefits are maximized when all your dealers use the service. That is why it is a good idea to give your dealers FREE access to their sales for the first two months to let them learn what the service is. Then it is easier to ask them if they want it.

The Plans are listed below (monthly fees are not published)

Click here for the Store Application Form to receive price quote.

This service will only display sales for up to two months (i.e. from the 1st of the previous month to the current month). However, some POS systems may limit the report to only the current month. If your dealers would like access to their older sales we can help with that, too, with our ARCHIVE accounts.

   Plan     Desc.     Dealers         Fee / month
   Plan B   Small          25             *
   Plan C   Med            75             *
   Plan D   Large         150             *
   Plan E   XLarge        300             *
   Plan F   XXLarge       600             *
   Plan G   Grand        >600             *

* We do not disclose pricing to your dealers. Submit a Store Application for pricing.
* All Plans have a $50 set up fee.

Click here for the Store Application Form to receive price quote.

If you'd like to see in action then please try our Sample Store. You won't be logged in automatically so you'll need to know:

the Store ID is "samplestore" and the password is "DEMO" (uppercase).

Sample Store.

Telephone Numbers

Sales & Tech Support: (805) 304-4287

Or, use the form below:


Store ID:

Dealer ID:




(enter "1234" or message wont be sent)


Do not click more than once.

** Please do not use this form to send store related issues **

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