"I am a craft dealer/vendor and I am looking for new locations to sell from. I am only interested in stores that have your system in place. Is there a way I can get a list of the stores that use you. This is a FABULOUS tool for me. I cant imagine operating without it."

Cris Strank

The Ivy Cottage

(our system can work at any store so please tell your favorite store about
mall-central.com and we'll be happy to get them on-line. -ed)

- - -

"Our dealers are raving about the new service. They think it's pretty cool. They feel you are personally responsive to them as well. I think they'll be asking for it at other malls. Thanks for letting us be the first one around here to offer it."

Alicia, (712) 382-1242

Finders Keepers Antique Mall and Coffee Shoppe, Iowa

- - -

"My crafters really like Mall-Central.com. They like the fact that it tells them the exact date and time when their product was sold. The crafters like the user friendliness of the site."

Jason, Arizona

- - -

"Our dealers ALL love Mall-Central.com and I must tell you several merchants have signed up due to your service (and of course our nice mall hopefully). We ALL really appreciate this service, even me when off or on vacation. I love to check our sales when away from the store.

"Also, the savings due to less phone calls, paper and toner cartridges for sales reports, etc. Of course, the phone calls and print outs uses payroll so the biggest savings is payroll which is always the biggest expense for any business of this type."

Nic, (812) 526-7676, Exit 76 Antique Mall, Indiana

- - -

"We have been using Mall-Central.com since 2003 in five of our stores and have found it very helpful to our artisans! This service makes it very easy for our artisans to see daily what has sold without having to bother a store employee with a phone call. Some live several hours away and this service is just perfect for them!"

Mark, The Quilted Bear, Utah

- - -

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